Keeping your online activity secure

Controlling your online accounts

Tip:1 Make sure to check your accounts regurlaly.
You want to make sure your up to
date with all the activity on your account.
Make sure the activity YOURS and not from
someone else. If it is not lock your
account and alert the company that you are
connected with.

Tip:2 Secure your account with strong passwords.
This is a simple step that every one
neglects. Make a password with about 7-10 characters
that includes lowercase, uppercase letters, and numbers. Don't
use the same password for every account. If
a hacker is able to figure out your
password it will allow him to log in
to your other accounts.

Tip:3 Use a secure network
Log into your accounts from home. Anyone can
setup an open wifi network and once you
connect they have full access to your
phone. They can log on to your accounts
and see the data on your phone.

Tip:4 Dont open suspicos emails Emails may look like they are from friends
or a company but couldve
been sent f
rom a hacker. They disguise themselves so you think its a harmless email but when you click on thier link or download a file you are giving them access to your account. Be Mindfull of what emails you opne.

Tip:5 Backup your information.In the event that your information is stolen, destroyed, or lost having a backup allows to still have access to that information. Its best to saveit to a external drive i.e. flash drive, cd, etc.

Tip:6 Turn off your devices. leaving them allows hackers to have 24/7 access to your information. When your devices are not in use turn them off.

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